EVEG Tech is one of the leading mobile phone application development companies.

We develop Apps for iPhone, iPads, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms.


We build rich and user-friendly mobile apps which is device and OS compatible.


  • iOS iPhone application
  • Android phones
  • Windows phones
  • Black berry, hybrid and HTML5.

We also cater to other mobile operating systems APIs, IDE, Alloy, Cloud services and Studios. Apps also use Adobe’s flash builder tools like Flex or HTML and JavaScript.

Key points to consider for mobile apps are compatibility to browsers.

As the screen size is smaller, we need to follow different design patterns on mobiles devices and the content to be divided in series of views for best display.

If we design for mobile and desktop platforms then it needs separate user interface. However, the applications can share same models and data codes for all the platforms.

Each view will be focused on specific single task or particular set of information. The user normally uses the drill down or change views by tapping components. The user will use the Device back button to go to the previous page or navigation page.

Key steps in Mobiles Apps development

  • Understanding customer needs, target audience, user interfaces like touch, voice, or mouse.
  • Building wireframe: Build wireframe to go through the various steps user follow from opening page, navigating page and end of process. This can be hand written sketch or using tools.
  • Mockups: Based on the wireframe make the mockups using power point or word to show the mock ups of the various screens.
  • Core development: In this step the wireframes, mock up sketches are converted into the real programming.
  • Testing: Testing by the quality management team to fix the bugs on various interfaces similar to the pre installation.
  • Deployment and support: This is real time deployment in the app stores or directly in the client devices. Getting feedback from the users and clients and updating the applications is the key part in these steps.
  • Monitoring and future upgrades: based on the feedback and technologically improvement applications have to be updated and released with new updates.


Payment options

EVEGTECH designs apps either standalone for particular devices for example custom mobiles apps or can upload in the apps stores. The standalone apps normally belongs to clients and handed over once and the general apps uploaded in the app stores can be made as subscription basis or one time purchase option.