EVEG TECH is one of the growing company in Business technology consulting, IT Services and Enterprise solutions. We enable clients in more than 5 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the revolution curve. we provide enterprises with strategic insights on what get around ahead. We help enterprises transform and prosper in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of advance solutions, including mobility, sustainability and cloud computing.

What makes EVEG TECH unique is our ability to help clients meet both experiments. We help them enrich productivity by certifying that vital business purposes work faster, inexpensive and better. And, our capabilities allows clients to transform legacy models to take their business to the next level.


Corporate Secured – Cloud Services

Support corporate for setting up for the following

  • Cloud services set up : Tie up with various vendors for the private and public cloud setup. Guaranteed access to  secured data center server access for all business needs data storage’s.
  • Data Mining : data mining services for Analytical analysis of the datas for predictive behaviors of the customers.
  • Secured online transaction payment gateways ,vendors and suppliers data management.

Cloud Migration

EVEGTECH endows your business with the most consistent migration services by giving you instant access to take control of your costs, increasing operational performance, and reducing risk factors. We provide our clients with a complete approach to help them make a smooth evolution to the cloud. This includes on-demand Scalability, Fault Tolerance , Backup and Storage automation, Better ROI,  Access to Performance and Cost monitoring.

Backup and Storage

EVEGTECH help clients achieve improved efficiency and scalability on Cloud Infrastructure, through best solutions for their backup, recovery and storage environments.

Application Deployment

Build and Deployment solutions are done through Automated configuration with Reduce cost, Minimal risk and enhance quality. Quick turn-around on client feedback and speed to market are two most important factors for success and with our Cloud Application Deployment solutions you can achieve both easily.



The team working with us is more than 15 years experience in many professional websites with webpage, back-end integrated software, email marketing, eCommerce packages and complete solutions.

Our design will be user friendly, global and with localized view, search engine optimized for the specific keywords. Our clients include travel industry, medical service, and online merchandise.

We provide high standard and excellence solutions for our client’s business with ethics and values. Our solutions is cost effective which means deliver highest value for money to our clients. we work more for your fulfillment and to make a strong long term relation. The delivery of work on time without any compromises made on the quality which is beyond your expectations.



Our Vision

To become one of the leading IT solution providing , helping all business clients to improve their sales, ranking in the business world through well designed, safer, high productive, search engine optimized, business solutions and applications and websites.

Our Mission

To provide complete solutions for all the IT needs, release IT Software application products which can be easily customized and adapted to all business needs.

Our Values

  • Honesty ,integration and think beyond the limits having a long term view.
  • To provide best value for the customer in terms of support, trust and always going one step ahead.
  • Value all shareholders, employees  with continuous improvement and development.
  • Recognize and reward new ideas and growth.
  • Commitment to deliverable’s and clear communications.