EVEGTech is expertise in software development, web application for small to medium business users involving global locations, interaction for business integration.

Industries Served:

Travel, dental, hospitals & nursing homes ,Online merchandise, brick and mortar companies, real estate agents, financial brokers, insurance companies, manufacturing industries.


Financial computing applications like Mortgage calculation, Interest rate analysis, and Data analysis.

Supply chain applications like Inventory management, Book keeping, Stores management, Service marketing, Sales management.

Application Software: For business like Travel, hospitals, nursing homes, merchandise, brick and mortar companies, online companies.

Web applications: Web applications for client- user interaction, multiple location, global employees, and global clients’ interactions.

Application Software

Application software is customized softwares developed using Microsoft technologies, Oracle technologies.

Similar projects like data analysis, graphical presentation display and manipulating data, trend analysis.

EVEG Tech is expertise in database management like Oracle, MSSQL and Microsoft Access.

Productivity Tool development : Statistical quality tools, inventory management systems , supply chain management, part numbering system, tracking customer orders, deliveries etc.

Technologies Used

  • EVEG Tech develops excellent applications using latest technologies.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual basic.
  • Stacks such as Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) or windows forms.
  • Java Platforms using Java or Swing.
  • Technical tools developed using C, C++.
  • Also uses many open sources applications.


Design and prototyping, and provide the development, testing, deployment, training, and maintenance of your Software solution.


Due to the increased utilization of internet, ecommerce, cloud, smart phones, computing devices like iPad, iPhone, smart phones and other web connected technologies most of the businesses are running to web based applications.

User Platform:

All web applications accessed through Web browsers like Internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safaris.


All Web based applications have high standards of security of access for authorized and authenticated users with designated passwords, password change requirement, security words etc.

Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller)
  • ASP.NET Web Pages.
  • Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) platform with Java Server Pages (JSP) or Java Server Faces (JSF)Open sources APIs like as jQuery, HTML5, CSS, JSON, AJAX, REST, XML, PDF, etc.
  • HTTP/SSL, REST, SOAP, XML, LINQ, SQL, Apache Software Foundation APIs and Containers, etc.

Modern webs applications design concepts used in EVEG Tech

  • Omni-channel: Website and applications will work on all the platforms like desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile. In addition, they can adapt to all interfaces like touch, mouse movement, voices, and eye tracking retina movements.
  • Elastic: Modern applications adapts to cloud computing, each to login or logout.
  • API-oriented: Modern applications use the Applications programming interface everywhere, which uses the open sources like XML, REST, and JSON, compatible with all devices.
  • Responsive: Modern websites and web applications need to be responsive, which can work in different platforms and should be able to collect and uses the data from various services points and cache it as close to the public cloud infrastructure and public carrier network.
  • Organic: Modern applications should be more adoptable to handle the changes from the user side. Applications should be able to make easy changes and adapt to various users geographically.
  • Contextual: Modern web application should be able to communicate with various platforms, machine to machine communications. Adapting to the new technologies.